Our Projects

Reservoirs &

Sure-Form has decades of experience in the construction of large scale, reinforced concrete structures including water retaining structures. Sure-Form also has experience with lagoons, settling ponds, etc.

Oakmont Lift Station Upgrade

Collingwood Cove Lift Station Upgrade

Lake Louise Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

Recreational Park Building With Water Treatment System

King Street Booster Station

Reservoir & Pump Station Upgrades, Barrhead

BNR Bioreactor Aeration Blower

Utility Water System Rehab

Ardrossan Lift Station

Ardrossan Reservoir & Pumphouse

Fermenter Upgrades

Heating Loop 4 Upgrades

Membrane Treatment Plant

Waste Activated Sludge Facility

Shaftsbury Water Treatment Plant

Filter Building Upgrade

Repair &

From epoxy floor coatings to concrete repair and tank linings, whether its trowel or spray, Sure-Form is experienced in the application of infrastructure repair and coating products. We have also been recognized by the International Concrete Repair Institute for Excellence in the repair of water structures.

Bypass Channel Rehabilitation

Diversion Structure North Channel Rehabilitation

Digester 3 Upgrade

Diversion Structure South Channel Rehabilitation

Digester 2 Rebuild

Digester 1 Rebuild

Channel 1 Isolation

Distribution Chamber Upgrade

Channel 2 Rehabilitation

Clarifiers 6 - 8

Clarifiers 5, 6, 7 & 8 Wall Repairs

Kaskitayo Reservoir Upgrade

& Structures

Wood framed to steel construction, new builds to additions, renovations and retro-fits, Sure-Form has decades of experience in the construction of a wide variety of buildings and structures specializing in water and waste water treatment facilities, pump houses and water fill stations.

Edson Water Treatment Plant & Rec Building

Athabasca Raw Water Intake

Mountainview Pumping Station & Reservoir Upgrades

EPCOR Utility Water System

Saddle Hills Water Treatment Plant

Morinville South Reservoir Expansion

Ardrossan Stage 4 Reservoir & Pump House

Kaskitayo Reservoir Upgrades

17th Street Reservoir & Pump House, Edmonton

Lake Louise Wastewater Treatment Plant

EPCOR Fermenter Upgrades


Sure-Form specializes in the construction of large scale, reinforced concrete structures including water retaining structures. Building on decades of product specific experience we can offer structural design assistance in multi-level, cast-in-place structures.

Clarifiers 5 & 7, UV2 Building

Digester 7 & 8

Primary Sludge Fermenters

Bioreactor & Clarifier

Grit Tanks 6 & 7

Fermentation Facility

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Peace River

Reservoir & Upgrade, Morinville

Reservoir, 17th Street

Reservoir, Newbrook

Water Transfer Stations

Reservoir Upgrade, Ardrossan

Reservoir Upgrade, Standard

Reservoir 39th Ave, Panoka

Reservoir, Onoway

Reservoir & Pumphouse, Sherwood Park

Reservoir & Pumpstation, Langley, BC

Reservoir & Booster Station

Reservoir, St. Albert


Sure-Form provides underground infrastructure for municipal and civil construction. Services include storm water management, sanitary lift stations, potable water pumping and metering stations, water and wastewater pipelines and general earthworks.

Athabasca River Raw Water Intake

Hay Lakes Lagoon Rehabilitation

Groundwater Diversion System Replacement

Edson Rec Building & Water Treatment System

Reservoir & Pumpstation Upgrades, Barrhead