Featured Project

Water Treatment
Plant Upgrade:
Cold Lake, AB

Demolition & Restoration of Building Envelope: Process, Mechanical, Electrical & Controls Equipment

Asbestos Removal

Replacement of Underground Transfer Piping

Novation of Contract for Supply of Water Treatment Membranes & Associated Equipment

Building Expansion Including Building Envelope, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Upgrades

Expansion of Potable Water Treatment & Transfer Pump Systems

Replacement of Existing PLC/HMI Based Control Systems

Temporary Construction Related Works Including Site Dewatering & Retaining Structures

New Intake Screen in Cold Lake Including Piping Installation. Required a Crane on a Barge for Diver Installation at 100+ Foot Depth in Cold Lake

New 800mm Diameter Stainless Steel Intake Structure

New 750mm Stainless Steel Intake Line for Edge of Lake to New Raw Water Pumphouse Structure

Installation of Three New Raw Water Vertical Turbine Pumps to Feed New Membrane Filters

Installation of New 600mm Piping to Filters & 300mm Header From Membranes to Pumps

Stainless Steel 500mm & 350mm Discharge Lines

Perform Work & Temporary Shutdowns Required Without Interrupting Supply of Potable Water